Techno-Labo is a company which supports the development of plastic products by design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and low volume production.

Mechanical Design

Proposal of Mechanical Engineering to Shape Design

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is a process of taking a design from an idea to a marketplace. Like how to close a cover or fitting of the components, ME make details of a design. Making mockups is a critical factor of ME to verify the design.

ME and Prototyping Connected

What does ME do?

Plastic products require original tips and considerations.

    ex. core geometry, drafts, and so on

The difference between design and ME seems not clear.
Techno-Labo’s ME mainly consists of the below seven work.

Sizing a designed shape and create drawings using 3D CAD.
Design internal details to contain the necessary components appropriately.
Design external details of attaching points and appearance.
Analyze the structure, check interference and assembling.
Design moving elements. (lid, cap, tilt)
Design moldability. (draft, geometry, thickness)
Simplify a product to reduce mold cost.

※1,2 are simple.
3,4,5 are not apparent, but necessary. Besides drawings, prototyping is essential to verify design defects.
6,7 are particular points of plastic products. This work heavily relies on the designer’s experience and know-how, and you can see if they are a good one.