Techno-Labo is a company which supports the development of plastic products by design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and low volume production.



Innovating new shapes for creation of added value for our society

Purpose of any co mpany is to deliver value to society,
and therefore each company has a responsibility to always create added value.
Technolab approaches this mission by delivering new designs and shapes.

Providing a platform for technological succession, to further

development and passing it onto the next generation.

The technological resource that Technolab possess is based upon the technological lineage from our predecessors.

■Principles of product

We have established three rules of conduct for us to operate in alignment with our mission.

Listening: Businesses and companies maintain its existence by the demand of our times, and in order to be in demand, technology, for example, must also match the needs of the time.
In order for a company to respond effectively to the needs of our society, we need to create necessary work in an area that would be highly valued by thoroughly surveying the market and being needed. To accomplish this, we conduct with great emphasis on “listening” to people’s voices. Creation: Furthermore, companies sustain businesses by creating additional value that others cannot provide, and it is the people involved in a company that create additional value.
The best way to create additional value is to be in an environment where one can dedicate its expertise with joy. This is why we are committed in creating the appropriate “space” where our colleagues and business partners could further focus and help each other to heighten our expertise. Sustained Learning: Even if we are able to create additional value by serving demands of our society, if it is only a transitory value, it will not be accumulative and passed onto the next generation.
Only by confirming the ground or reason of created value by sustained learning, we can compile confidence and results. We will conduct ourselves with a goal to create an environment where everyone involved could continue to learn.

■Our Goal

TechnoLab designs and shapes electrical hardware with optimal applicability for the end-user. By prioritizing development of casings for IoT devices, we aspire to win top share in the field.

We deliver practical designs by creating simple and applicable shapes and forms for the end-user, revealing its function without the need for any explanation. Our goal is to innovate both new products and markets through our product design. A large amount of initial investment is often necessary for production of plastic products. Technolab offers you a simplified system that greatly reduces cost compared to conventional methods. By offering a combination of design and low volume production system, we will contribute to your product development in the field of electric hardware and specifically in the area of “shaping” of cases.