Techno-Labo is a company which supports the development of plastic products by design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and low volume production.

Appearance Design

Design Also Critical Function

Product design plays a very important role to attract the attention of discerning consumers in the modern market which is full of many products online. However, there are many problems when it comes to making a product from scratch. Many issues such as selecting a designer and a manufacturer might be bothering you a lot. Techno-Labo can arrange everything integratory from design to production. Our designers and mechanical engineers work closely together while considering concerns like manufacturing methods. We can always suggest the best solution, even if we face problems of costs and manufacturing methods at the phase of mechanical design and manufacturing stages.


  • ・Who, when, where, and how ・Price, purposes ・Development lead time These are the basic concepts of designers, which prioritize target values of each development process after design, like mechanical engineering and manufacturing.

    Specify detailed requirements to satisfy the concepts

    Create a design that meets the concepts

Ideal Design

  • Manufacturability = Consider the manufacturing process

    Usability = Ensure ease of use

    Reasonable = Offer an acceptable design fee Customers expect that design fee should be low enough to be recovered after all the development process.

Design Models

○Form of Safety and Cleanness [Portable Water Heater]

  • This is the product for travelers to boil water. It is designed with a safe form and functions, unlike standard immersion heaters that have no cover and cause a fire or skin burn. The cover protects tourist and keeps the heater clean.

○Appearance Important Function [Shampoo and Soap Bottle Holder]

This is a magnetic soap holder, which is used by inserting the magnet into the soap. It keeps your soap always dry and clean because it doesn’t touch a soap directly. The target customer is women who care cleanness, so it is designed with a sense of cleanness and luxury. In the era of abundance, design matters to be differentiated from other products.