Techno-Labo is a company which supports the development of plastic products by design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and low volume production.

Design Knowhow Specialized in Plastic Products

○Usability for Products with New Features

Based on three characteristics below, Techno-Labo has designed many plastic cases of electronic devices, mainly for IoT devices.

We suppose usability is the essential factor of our design because these devices usually have unprecedented functions. To bring out the charms of these products certainly, we should design products that give off an accurate "Perceived Affordance" first. It should be an interface to interact products and user experiences as well.

Three Characteristics of Techno-Labo’s Design/Mechanical Design

Review with Prototype!

Many companies that develop IoT devices recently are new entrants. Therefore, they need a prototype to evaluate a design because they are likely to have no skills to review drawings of a product.
Techno-Labo experienced prototyping with various methods and decorated them as high quality as final products.
As a result, we can quickly provide an actual prototype with the same or higher quality than a final product, with sellable design, before mass-production.

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Powerful Proposals for PCB Layout!

We design appearance form and mechanism of products as an interface between a function of electronic devices and usability of a human. A certain level of knowledge regarding electronic devices is also required to design cases of them.
Since these are our specialty, we have experienced many projects, accumulated market information, and cultivated abilities to make ideal proposals for your project.

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Ideal Design for Mold, Mass-Production, Assembling

There are two kinds of design in manufacturing: industrial design and mechanical design. Industrial design is a process to design appearance form. Mechanical design is to solve all technical limitations to realize industrial designs in mass-production.
Using our specialized know-how of plastic, we can provide an ideal design for manufacturability.

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