Techno-Labo is a company which supports the development of plastic products by design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and low volume production.

Price/Flow-Pricing and the workflow from inquiry to delivery-


We do not charge for conducting an interview for your project. Please feel free to contact us on
this page.
We can arrange a meeting at both our office or Skype and offer quick consultation with our designers and engineers.
If you have any question regarding the development flow, please ask us questions during an interview.
Techno-Labo can start our work at any phase of below work to meet your needs.
Please refer to the pricing table of each phase.

2.Design and Mechanical Engineering

Proposedesignand mechanical engineeringbased on an interview.
If you have done design by yourself, we take over it and propose mechanical engineering.

  Delivery time: 3 weeks


Manufacture a prototype based on the design.
You can view the details of prototyping on this page.
We propose the ideal method of prototyping for your product.

  Delivery time: 2 weeks


Substitute mold:low volume production (less than 500 shots)
Mold:more than 500 shots

 Delivery time of substitute mold: 4-6 weeks
 Delivery time of mold: 8 weeks


Our basic manufacturing method to make plastic products is injection molding.
Depends on a customer’s request, we also discuss the procurement of accessory items, packaging and quality control.

 Delivery time of substitute mold: 3-4 weeks
 Delivery time of mold: 3-4 weeks