We can undoubtedly boil water while traveling if you are in Japan. If you are in other countries, the situation is not always the same.

This product is a mobile water heater (electric immersion heater) that is assumed to be used in overseas.

It seems like a simple product at first glance. However, we made it with deliberation for “minimal function” and “maximum safety” to be used certainly and safely even in overseas where something unexpected could occur.

Turning on the heater and drop the device into cold water.

You can boil a cup of water.

The switch also works as a light. It shines during heating.

When the temperature reaches a certain level, the light and power are turned off automatically.

The feature of this product is that the cover is attached considering to carry it cleanly during travel.

It also has a thermal sensor that functions as a thermostat and prevents dry boiling, tilt sensor that prevent fire when a cup is knocked over, and a thermal fuse as a final safety device.

size : W70×D33×H155
product design:a.ooshima