Techno-Labo has not been making fashionable household items or everyday necessities. However, we would like to introduce one of the previous products for the design reference. We co-developed a smartphone case for iPhone5 and 5s, which utilized fascinations and dynamics of acrylic plastic.

Crystal-like beautiful transparency and usable thickness

The acrylic case has transparency and luxury, such as a crystal. We designed its thickness, providing excellent grip feeling to improve usability.

Applying hard acrylic which has high scratch resistance

We specially chose hard acrylic for the case. It implemented scratch resistance much higher than previous plastic cases.

Easily detachable by sliding-out design

We applied a slide-out design to make the case easily  detachable. Japanese high precision technology enabled this structure.

The case has a silicone rubber stopper to get smartphone tightly fixed.

size : W60×D8×H125
product design:a.ooshima