This product is one of the series of products that visualize the residential environment.


Since it works with the hygrothermograph device which Techno-Labo developed, we designed the impression of the color, texture, and R size integrated.

It can measure the surface temperature of the floor, wall, and ceiling of inside residence by using infrared radiation. Measuring surface temperature enables evaluation of comfortability such as apparent temperature and thermal feeling of direct contact. Therefore, we can represent results of insulation retrofit based on the improvement of comfortability in addition to the performance of thermal insulation and energy conservation.

The following picture is showing ideas of the design phase. To improve the accuracy of the infrared sensor, which is the feature of this product, and irradiation laser that supports infrared sensor, we designed it a quadrangle which front position is easy to understand.

Stereolithographic mock-up for design review

The nut is set on the bottom surface to attach to the tripod

size : W61×D31×H62

Techno-labo HP: